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The Best Care for Your Child


Your Children in Capable Hands

The Nanny Solution conducts an in depth screening and background on our nannies. Very few interviewees will pass our through screening process to become a part of our team of elite caregivers. 

All of our nannies undergo the same rigorous process.

  • In Depth Resume Review. We scrutinize candidates’ resumes and work history.

  • Application Review. We review the candidate’s answers our of customized questions to provide even more insight to their personality and background.

  • Phone/Video screening. Candidates are pre-screened and asked about their work history.

  • In person interview. Every candidate is met in person to ensure they have the personality to be a great nanny.

  • Reference review and verifying credentials. We personally speak to former employers and verify authenticity of all degrees and certifications and ensure that they are current and valid.

  • Full DMV Report.

  • Full Background screening.

  • Social Media Check.

  • Trustline Registration. 

  • Signed no texting while driving contract.

  • Signed NDA.

  • Agree to all our terms and conditions. All of our nannies adhere to The Nanny Solutions’ Brand Values.


We’ve Got You Covered

Let us find your family’s perfect fit! We’re your personal nanny matchmakers!

We know your family has unique needs and we know your little one is an individual. Our team scouts all of our exclusive sources for find the best candidate for your family. In addiction to stellar references and a perfect background, we also factor in personality, attitude, and lifestyle to find your family a perfect match!

Family Application 

Submit a brief application online to let us know what you’re looking for.

In Home Meeting

We do a home visit and interview. We get to know your family and home so we can send candidates best suited for your family’s individual needs. We discuss your family’s wishlist.

Choosing Candidates and Scheduling Interviews

We will send you the nanny profile and resume of our top nannies best suited for your position. Once you’ve picked your candidates, we will help schedule interviews.


Once you’ve found your nanny match, you may choose to do a trial. A trial is a working interview. Trials are typically booked for 2-4 hours for 1-3 days. 

Hiring Process 

We will walk you step by step through the hiring process. We will negotiate salary, hours, sick pay, travel, holiday pay, and mileage. We will guide you through our nanny/family contact and answer any questions you have.

Ongoing Support 

The Nanny Solution is always here to support you! We provide ongoing support for both our nannies and families. Please contact us with any questions you have. We’re here for you :)


The Most Qualified Care

We have the most competitive placement fees of any local agency. This allows us to serve more happy families.

For Families

$200.00 Registration Fee

We require this registration fee be paid in full in order for us to begin your search. 

Part Time Placement Fees

$2,800.00 for PT (20 hours or less)

50% of total placement fees ($1,400.00) to be paid in order to receive interviews with the candidates.

Remaining 50% ($1,400.00) to be paid upon hire of a nanny.

Full Time Placement Fees

$4,800.00 for FT (20 hours or more)

50% of Placement fee ($2,400.00) to be paid in order to receive interviews with the candidates. 

Remaining 50% ($2,400.00) to be paid upon hire of a nanny.

Replacement Policy

We offer a 30 day replacement policy. If your hired nanny decides to leave the position, we will replace with a new candidate within 30 days of original hire.